Linda Cranston


Linda was born in the border town of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, but spent her growing years in small towns in Alberta. She has two married sons and settled in Canmore with her husband David in 1998.

The inspiration for her art comes from her adventures of living across Canada including the Northwest Territories, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Linda has been a member of the Canmore Art Guild since 2010.


My life as an artist – how did it all begin?

It all began when I decided to break all the rules, no longer concerning myself whether my artwork was good enough. I’ve drawn, painted, coloured, and created artwork ever since I can remember. I believe that I was born with a raw natural talent passed down by a genetic gene pool.

Even though I’ve painted using water colours and oils, my medium of choice is acrylics. I’m one of those artists that just can’t wait for the paint to dry! The unique patterns on the canvas are created by pre-treating it with various mediums. Once I’m ready to paint, I just let my imagination flow. The piece may have an element or connection of where I’ve travelled or what I’ve experienced. And colour – it has to be vibrant, it must jump out and touch your emotions in some way.









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