About Our Gallery

The Gallery and How It Came to Be

In the early years, the Canmore Art Guild (or CAAG as it was then known) was allotted free gallery space over the old library adjacent to the Seniors Drop-in Centre. In 1995, the Library relocated to its second location and the Guild was given jurisdiction of the wall space in the area known as the Canmore Public Library Gallery in exchange for paying the Library a portion of the janitorial, maintenance and utility fees. Since that time, the Guild has run all of the art-related activities in the gallery for the enjoyment of the community.

In 2012, CAAG changed its name to Canmore Art Guild and became known as CAG. In March 2013, CAG moved to Canmore’s new 77,000 square foot arts and recreational facility, Elevation Place. For the first time in its history, the Canmore Art Guild will become a completely autonomous entity. On April 6th, 2013, CAG opened the doors to the new gallery with a special exhibition entitled “… on CAG! Celebrating the Canmore Art Guild”. Canmore Art Guild is a non-profit organization with a mandate to stimulate activities in all creative visual arts and provide the vehicle to make the art and artisan visible in the community. The Canmore Art Guild will continue to play a major role in promoting and enriching the cultural life in Canmore.

Gallery Shows

To show your artwork in a Group show, you must be a member of the Guild. For full details, please click on Members Information / Submitting Your Artwork to any Group Exhibition. Shows are installed by the Gallery Directors and should not be altered or added to without the consent of a Gallery Director or a member of the Executive.

Title labels are the responsibility of volunteers who have assumed this position.

In addition to the several Group shows put on each year, the Canmore Art Guild also hosts:

  • Photography shows
  • Three-Dimensional shows
  • Quilt hows of the Mountain Cabin Quilt Guild
  • Private shows of Guild members
  • High School art shows
  • Kid’s art
  • Traveling exhibitions


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