Richard Brown

Richard Brown

“Having lived here in the valley for most of the last 25 years, I know how important our mountains are to us. They nurture us, inspire us, protect us and give us a quality of life that others can only envy. The skies envelope us in an ever-changing light show; the rocks give us strength; we are constantly entertained and challenged by our mountains”.



“But, amazing and powerful as they are, it’s important to remember the world outside and get those creative, cosmic juices flowing. By going out into that world and seeing the diversity of people and places that make up our little planet, whether it’s Toronto or Tuscany, Montana or Morocco, we can come home to the paradise we call our mountains and truly appreciate them as part of the beauty of this world”.

Richard Brown was born and raised in Southern Ontario. Educated in Sociology and Criminology at the Universities of Waterloo and Ottawa, Richard came to the West and to photography in the mid 70’s. As a student at the Banff School of Fine Arts, he had the opportunity to study photography with the aid of excellent instructors and fellow students.

Since then, he has been published in the Beautiful BC magazine and calendar, a book titled “Vancouver Island Reflections”, taught photography in community classes and exhibits his prints. in Canmore galleries, while making his living doing creative wedding photography locally and for out-of-town clients.

Contact Richard at: 403 678 3237 or

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