Anne Noel-Martin

Anne Martin

Anne Noel-Martin was born in Ottawa, Ontario and enjoyed exploring woods and shorelines and observing changing seasons in rural Eastern Ontario and Quebec during her formative years.

This early exploration and discovery created a passion and respect for nature which she now interprets primarily through pastel. Work and travel in Canada’s West and in Europe, and, more recently, exciting spiritual exploration, have expanded her life education and exposure to the many creative forces in human history and has encouraged her love of expression through creative art.


The creation of Anne’s pastels begins with preparation of a gessoed and toned surface appropriate to the painting’s demands for particular colour and texture. The pastels used in the paintings are made by Anne as well. Anne sees “places in places” and paints her response to these.



Anne is predominantly self-taught but has had much guidance and learned many lessons from Joe Martin, Zelda Nelson, Susan Woolgar, Jeannette McLelland and through numerous courses and workshops. Anne makes the pastels and papers that she uses for her work in her studio in Canmore, Alberta.



Anne’s work is currently displayed at The Quest Avens Gallery in Canmore, in CAAG guild shows in the Canmore Public Art Gallery, as well as in many private homes across Canada and the United States. Her work has also been displayed in the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, the Canmore Hospital Gallery, and in the Canmore Art Exchange with their sister city in Japan in 1998. Anne exhibited two pieces in each of the CAAG 2000 and 2003 Annual Juried Shows.

To see more of Anne’s work, visit her website at:
Contact Anne at: 1-403-678-3067 or

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