Alice Saltiel-Marshall

Alice Saltiel-Marshall

I am Canadian born (1948) at Toronto, Ontario where, from 1962-66, I studied at THE ART CENTRE of Central Technical School. This was an art education of classical depth, which set me up for life. Following my marriage to Bill Marshall, in 1969, we toured Europe and lived in England. In 1972, we moved to Banff and established Saltiel Originals Inc., through which we publish and distribute reproductions of my art.

Heather's Dawn over the Three Sisters

I am blessed with a talent that has taken me on travels around the world and presented me with opportunities to paint in such inspiring places as Monet’s gardens at Giverny, and Van Gogh’s asylum in Saint Remy. I have also stood alone in the studios of C├ęzanne and Renoir; in all of these places I have felt the unmistakable presence of, and connection to, those artists who had lived and painted there decades before me.

Icicles on our Claresholm house

The painting trips I enjoy in the mountains take me to locales so beautiful I think my heart might explode. Repeated painting expeditions to The Columbia Icefield promoted a love for the beautiful Mount Athabasca, which compelled me to paint it countless times and filled me with a desire to stand on its 5000-foot summit. After an exhilarating climb and an exhausting descent, I recall looking back at the mountain, which for all my effort, appeared utterly unchanged, but I knew I would never be the same again.

Chram and Spirit

In September 2008, we bought a character home in, and moved to Claresholm, Alberta, population 3700. West are The Porcupine Hills and beyond the Rockies. I am challenged by the subtlety of this new landscape and rejuvenated with a new community. Suddenly I find myself in the glorious company of different artists.



Red Hot Geranium

Thriving on a variety of subject matter keeps my work fresh and exciting. Working primarily in oils, I have recently revisited watercolours. My life as an artist is continually enriched. It is my good fortune to be able to spend time in the landscape and, through my painting, share the joy it gives me with others.

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