Claudia Schellenberg

Claudia Schellenberg

Claudia was born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland. From 1983 to ’85 she learned the trade of house painting, and worked in the trade for thirteen years until her son Severin was born in 1998.

In 2001 she moved with her husband and son to Canada, a long time dream after travelling extensively in the United States and Canada.

Claudia has enjoyed drawing and painting since her early school days, and started painting watercolours in 2002. She attends painting courses and learns from books. She loves the outdoors and hiking, and gets her inspiration from there.


Claudia joined CAAG in 2004. Her current works may be found at the Canmore Public Library Art Gallery and the Canmore General Hospital Gallery. She has paintings in private collections in Switzerland, Japan and the United States.

Contact Claudia at either: 403-609-4128 or

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