Canmore Art Guild




March 2004

Revised June 26, 2006

Revised September, 2012

Revised May, 2015



The goal is to encourage member input, to encourage members to be productive, to encourage new members, and to provide opportunities to participate in group and/or private exhibits.



Themes for CAG group exhibits must be approved by members. CAG Group exhibits will be considered open unless a theme is suggested and approved by a majority (quorum not required) at a general meeting. Notwithstanding, those themed exhibits shall be limited to 50% or less of all group exhibits in a given year.



The Gallery schedule must be approved by the members. The executive may approve amendments to the schedule, provided there is insufficient opportunity for the membership to approve the amendment. Group exhibits should be 3-4 weeks long and interspersed with the Specialty and Private exhibits.



All Canmore Art Guild specialty exhibits (e.g. 3-dimensional exhibit and photography exhibit) shall be planned and organized by a volunteer committee of any interested Guild members. Each volunteer committee is strongly encouraged to solicit involvement from other artists from the community. Committee proposals will be brought to general meetings for discussion and approval.



The Gallery Directors shall

• Coordinate all gallery activities;

• Encourage all members to participate in Guild group exhibitions;

• Encourage members to have private or semi-private art exhibitions;

• Coordinate submissions and hanging of exhibits and gallery maintenance;

• Ensure that exhibitors have been informed of the Guild's insurance policy;

• Manage the schedule as close to the template as possible;



  • A 25% sales commission will remain with the Guild upon any sale of artwork. The treasurer will pay the artist 75% of the sale in a timely matter.



For All Exhibits

  • Artwork must meet "community standards". If a Gallery Director questions this, the ultimate approval for any artwork will be up to the Library Board.
  • Insurance for artwork is the responsibility of each displaying member.
  • Artwork must be original, i.e. not copied from the work of any other artist and not copied from another person’s photograph without written permission.
  • All artwork must be dry and framed or otherwise suitable for display. Screws and hangers must be able to support the artwork. Frames must be rigid, with artwork firmly fastened in and ready to hang. Wire ends must be bound with tape and the glass clean.
  • Artist’s name and contact information shall be written on the back of the picture. The artist shall ensure that the Gallery Director has a current biography.
  • Artists shall endeavor to be punctual for art drop-off and pick-up times or make other arrangements in advance.


For Group Exhibits

  • Once a group exhibition is installed, no artist has the authority to alter it in any way without the consent of a Gallery Director or a member of the Executive.
  • Members must sit approximately 3-6 shifts (2 hours long) per first piece of art displayed in each exhibit or find sitters to cover their shifts for them. Since each exhibit is different in length and has different number of art pieces, the number of sitting shifts will differ and will be send out together with the sitters calendar. It is a great help if the members who do not exhibit help to sit. 
  • All sitters must submit RCMP form – security clearance form can be found in the gallery or downloaded from CAG website
  • Work submitted for Guild Group exhibits shall not have been displayed for the last two years in previous Guild group exhibit. However, it doesn’t count for the private or Specialized shows.
  • Any member whose piece is selected for the Guild's poster must have that piece included in that exhibit. Deadline for sending the picture for the poster is 3 weeks before the opening.
  • Titles, medium, price, artist’s name, address and phone number must be provided by using the submission form on the Guild's website. 
  • Submissions are due two weeks before the show opens.


For Private/Semi-Private Exhibits

  • Requests for a private or semi-private exhibit must be made by submitting copies of a signed Exhibit Application/Contract for Private Shows to a Gallery Director and the Treasurer.
  • To be eligible for a private or semi-private exhibit, one must be a member in good standing for at least one year.
  • For the Specialized Shows at least one (either curator or exhibitor) must be the CAG member in good standing for a year and can invite other artists to exhibit.
  • A deposit of $100 must be made at the time a private or semi-private exhibit is requested. The exhibitor will not be wait-listed or booked until the deposit is received.
  • An exhibitor will be fully refunded the $100.00 deposit if the gallery is in the same condition after the private exhibit as it was before, or (2) notice of cancellation by the exhibitor is more than 90 days before the opening date. If less notice is given, the refund amount will be at the discretion of the executive. 
  • If the artist who requests an exhibit is already represented in a commercial gallery in Canmore, the artist must obtain approval from that gallery before finalizing the booking of an exhibit with the Guild.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning the gallery after the exhibition, providing a cashier at the opening, and for advertising the exhibit. The Guild will charge $25/hour for cleaning or tidying up if needed.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing sitters for the gallery for the duration of their exhibit. the gallery will be closed if no sitter is available.